1hr Computer Classes
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Our classes for computers are oriented to those who are not tech savvy.  So many people would like to be able to understand and learn how to do even the most basic of computer task but many don't have the time and patience to help these individuals. Our goal is to provide that assistance to these folks in a very intuitive and simple easy way.  Talk to one of our agents and let them know what you would like to accomplish and we will customize our training.  

tablets & Phones

Tablets and phones have become an essential part of our lives now.  However many folks don't understand how these devices are to be administered.  There many tricks and tips that we could give you that we have acquired from ours years of experience in the technological field.   


The online world has become ever so much more complicated that people don't know how to administer all their accounts that have been created.  Also there are so many risks involved in opening the wrong websites where you give access for other to take advantage of you and take over your accounts.  We help inform people of these dangers and what they can do to protect themselves.  Also how to make strong passwords and administer many accounts online in an easy solution for them.