Onsite Computer Repair

Many say that there is no need of computer repair anymore because one can easily get new laptop or tower for the same price of the repair itself.  In some cases it's true that the most logical solution is just that.  However what about those pictures you save on your pc and documents that are very valuable especially for a business. That is when good maintnace of your machine ensures that your workstation is working at its best.     


Data Backups

Data backups is something essential even for the smallest of setup or you could potentially lose it all in an instance.  We have a 30 day guarantee that we will hold a copy of your data before we erase it and make room for more.  


PC Tune-Up

 Computers in nature over time start bogging down lacking speed and performance. That is why we recommend a PC Tune-Up every 6 Months to ensure maximum performance.  In a PC Tune-Up we begin with a Data Backup of your Hard Drive where we save all your important data for up to 90 days. Then we proceed physical cleaning your PC, updating all software, deleting your temporary files, defragmenting your hard drive, scanning for malware and making a performance report.


Password Recovery

   We all can remember the time we forgot our password.  As this is no easy task where Linux tools may be needed the only way to recover or reset your password is by means of Hacking your PC.  Due to this we recommend that you always write down your password in a safe pocket notebook as this is the best way to store your passwords.  A great tool you can use is lastpass they are great at generating complex passwords and you only have to remember one master password they will fill in all your accounts.